Workshop “Introduction to Chi-Cuadrado with R and RStudio”.

Last Monday, November 27, 2017, Jhon Gajardo held a workshop for teachers at the Santiago College educational establishment, which is called “Introduction to Chi-Cuadrado con R y RStudio”. In this workshop, the students were internalized with the theoretical and practical techniques for the proper use of the test. They made practical examples manipulating the data and transforming them between different types of variables in order to perform the Chi-Square test.

From the evaluation of the course, it follows the following:

1-. In your opinion, the Chi-square workshop will be useful for your professional purposes?

The chi-square workshop will be very useful for me, because it will allow me to apply it in the scientific work that my students do in the IB program.

2-. What aspects of the workshop do you suggest to improve (material, teaching method, teacher, etc.)?

The teacher was very didactic, I would have liked to have more time to see other examples in which to apply the chi-square.

3-. Were the examples appropriate and applicable to your professional field?

Yes, especially how to transform continuous variables in the application of chi-square.

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